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Gouache obsessed

I think I’ve finally settled on my favorite medium! These are a couple projects I worked on recently, the first is a sample of a series I painted based on a story I found about a ghost that haunts Stowe Lake in San Francisco. The second is my interpretation of the hanged man tarot card.



Gauntlet Gallery

Finally, the piece I just finished for Gauntlet Gallery’s Visions & Reflections show! The opening was a resounding success,  it will be hanging until early May. I’d never painted on a wood panel like this before so it was an adventure! Here’s a little photo diary I kept of of my process…


This piece is available for purchase online for a limited time through Gauntlet Gallery

work in progress

Well then, 2013. You’re going to be an interesting year, aren’t you? A veritable rollercoaster of awesome vs. nausea-inducing panic. But I suppose you couldn’t make it too easy for us. Otherwise, what would we have to work for? Even if it’s not always comfortable, I suppose the best place to be is a work in progress.

I have many works in progress these days. As of last month I was officially offered a generous scholarship to finish my BFA in Illustration at California College of the Arts (CCA) here in San Francisco. If all goes according to plan I should be starting up this coming September. I couldn’t be more ecstatic and terrified at the prospect. So many things to look forward to, and so many logistics and life changing decisions to suss out. But overall I’m super excited to have a trajectory I feel so strongly about. I hope that through their guidance I can finally find a path that will allow my artistic aspirations to benefit the community. Ultimately, I want to help create environments that inspire, encourage, and nurture the creative impulse in others and I think CCA is a good place to start.

As for literal works in progress, I’ve been chipping away at a new piece for an upcoming show at Gauntlet Gallery April 13th on the theme Visions and Reflections. It’s been a challenge as we were all given the same 12 x 12″ piece of wood to work on and I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone and do something a little different. The piece is inspired by an old Chinese myth about the Fauna of Mirrors. The myth suggests that mirrors were thought to hold an alternate universe full of creatures that were nothing like the ones which inhabit earth. No color, shape, nor size is the same. The creatures of the fauna were free to pass through the mirror into earth and the same for the earth’s inhabitants. Any creature could pass through a mirror portal at any given time.

Many of the fauna creatures had invaded earth and began to cause mischief and destruction in our world. So the mighty Emperor Huang Di created a magical trap for the creatures and cast a powerful spell over all the populations of the fauna that had been on earth causing trouble. The spell was so powerful that banished all the fauna creatures to their alternate universe for the rest of their days. However, although powerful the Emperor’s spell was not permanent. It is said that one day the magic will wear off and ominous things will begin to happen: a line of a color never before seen will appear in the mirror, unearthly creatures will begin to stir, the clatter of weapons will be heard. The first creature to regain its power will either be the Fish of the Mirror or the Tiger of the Mirror. The legend ominously adds that in the second conflict the mirror people will be aided by water creatures, and the alliance will this time triumph over our world.

Still a whole lot of work to do, I’ve almost finished the penciling but I’m feeling really happy with how it’s been coming along so far.

More updates to come as I job hunt! That’s right, I’m on the hunt for part-time work where I can utilize all my bad ass skills to better someone else’s life while bettering my own! I’ll be in school over the next couple years, so stable but flexible work will be key. Have opportunities you want to run by me? Hit me up at rococonouveau[at]gmail[dot]com

In the meantime, here’s a slice of my life in pictures…

rococolovers unite

Hello dear friends! So I may have an opportunity for some table space at the Alternative Press Expo in 2 weeks. Which, as it turns out, is no cheap venture! My plan is to have a bunch of prints of my artwork for sale, and probably some collarettes too. It could be a really great opportunity.. But! I need to raise some funds to make all this possible. I currently have these three framed originals still available for purchase for $450 a piece. If anyone has been thinking about making one of my pieces yours, now would be the perfect time! If you’re interested shoot me a facebook message, or email at rococonouveau[at] ♥ Pass it on!!

I’ll also take this opportunity to update you with the latest of rococonouveau’s Adventures in Web Design! My most recent development project was for Faultline Studios, a super awesome local recording studio space. I highly recommend you look them up if you’re in the market for some studio time! They’ve worked with some awesome bands, the space is gorgeous, and the people sweet as pie. Plus… Awesome website!


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